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A Two-Tiered Governance Structure for Records and Information Management (RIM) - Including Electronic Records Management (ERM)

Various governance structures can be effective for RIM, depending upon the unique requirements of a particular enterprise. For instance, a two level governance structure for RIM (described here) may be advisable – tweaked for your organization

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Strategic IT Project Planning: An Impressive Example

This fluid approach to completing work, however, does not mean that agile proponents should throw upfront planning out the window. Strategic planning at the outset ensures that the right tasks get plucked from the backlog and assigned to the team. When it comes to strategic technology planning, I must say that I was impressed by MaineGeneral Health ’s presentation at HIMSS

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Information Governance is like Your Fitness Goals for 2014

This is the time of year when everyone is making resolutions and setting goals for 2014...Here is a preliminary list of events that I plan to attend this year...MAINTAIN Maintain your zeal for information governance and records management

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Will We Ever Get This Right

Some have been on the shelf for a long time and curiously, some pop into inventory and immediately get addressed...We are reexamining our priorities this summer for all these reasons

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