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What We're Thinking When We're Asking You About ECM

This post isn’t groundbreaking but it may be useful to you. Here are the kinds of questions I ask our ECM clients when assessing their ECM requirements. Use it as a starting point, a checklist, a sanity check – or just tell me how I’ve missed the mark. There are two sets...

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Jeff Teper Hits SharePoint Governance ‘On the Head’

During the recent SPC11 keynote presentation, Jeff Teper of Microsoft stood tall and proud and stated: “Governance is not an issue in SharePoint 2010… we have lots of customers doing it on a large scale.” Thanks to Kanwal Khipple for the image! ...

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Navigating the “World of SharePoint 2010” and All It Encompasses - Part 1

Microsoft SharePoint 2010 is one of the most popular software programs \ platforms in history and with it has come a community with a near cult following as well as a large number of extremely powerful products that can integrate with it and continue to allow it to be tailored to your...

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