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Why no-one uses the company intranet

Ah, the intranet

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Social collaboration best practice highlights: Ricoh's story

Technology firm Ricoh America's social collaboration story stems - like many other examples in this space - from an intranet consolidation project, as a result of the company's acquisition in 2008 of the US company IKON

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Why small businesses are investing in social collaboration

Similarly, many small businesses have little in the way of an intranet, so it's difficult to share information effectively to support the accelerated demand. For UnLtd, one of the major benefits of introducing a social intranet was in better-connecting its significant mobile workforce - around two thirds of the company's 100 or so staff spend all of their time in the field, visiting award winners and partners, rather than based in an office. This means they could feel quite isolated, and the social intranet has helped to connect them to each other more effectively, but has also made them feel more connected with the organisation as a whole

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OpenSocial: "Social Content" Meets ECM?

Whether we talk about Systems of Engagement, collaboration, next generation intranets or Enterprise 2.0, organizations are recognizing the growth of social business applications

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Enterprise 2.0 Failure: My Story

The consulting firm Booz | Allen | Hamilton gets a lot of well deserved attention for their use of Enterprise 2.0 to extend the usefulness of their intranet , Hello.bah

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When is the right time to get social on SharePoint?

"We're knee deep in our legacy intranet migration to SharePoint and social computing isn't on the radar screen"

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Insert coin to continue

But of course there are also pitfalls, and this article looks at a good and a bad experience of gamification to go over some of the issues that may need considering before introducing gamification on a public web site or a company intranet. Introducing gamification into a company web site or even an intranet makes a lot of sense for many different reasons

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What Kind of Online Community Do You Have Behind Your Firewall?

Despite the newsletter articles, blog posts, press releases, and conference presentations, many "communities" are nothing more than a new version of the same old Intranet, only with shinier tools

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Is there a place for personal groups in a business social platform?

A great example of this came up in a case study that I am currently working on for a global office equipment manufacturing firm, where an acquaintance made through a personal interest group on the social intranet gave an employee the opportunity to get help on a business problem that had been an issue for some time, purely through making a friendly contact in the marketing department

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