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The i-Effect

One of the most fun, and time-consuming, things I’ve worked on in the past year has been C-Change whitepaper focusing on the impact of consumerization on IT that Thornton May wrote. During the process of attending the Executive Leadership Council meetings from which the whitepaper was...

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2012 will be all about contextual data, vertical communication, and simplicity

Is this the right invoice? Is it paid in full? Where did that contract go? Did you follow-up on that email? So what if you're not in the office, pull it up on your smartphone. You can, right? Have you heard things like this lately? Contextual Data If so, then maybe...

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4 Keys to Enterprise 2.0 Success

Simple wins. Oscar Berg explores this concept in his latest Enterprise 2.0 Community blog post “ How to Design for Adoption ”. Oscar makes the point that the introduction of Enterprise 2.0 tools always represents a change for the intended user so you should make that change...

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Comcast, unlike Apple or Google, doesn’t keep it simple!

Comcast has experienced a lot of bad press and customer feedback the last few years; searching for “ Comcast” on YouTube still shows “A Comcast Technician Sleeping on my Couch ” as the first result (ahead of all Comcast-produced videos). I have never experienced anything...

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