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The cloud may not solve your data silo problems

In talking with customers about their rapidly expanding collaboration platforms, and the terabytes of data that are being created each year as we not only create and track documents, but also the never-ceasing social interactions that we have around the content and within, across, and outside of...

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ECM, One Repository, and the Key Role of Classification

In this AIIM 2013 Q&A, Lance Shaw talks about the need to consolidate information as much as possible. One tip, try to consolidate on as few products as possible moving forward. Plus, if you’re not paying attention to classification; you’re content is never going to be effective...

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The Ocean of Big Data – II

After writing the last blog on The Ocean of Big Data and its seeming repetition of past Data Warehousing implementation issues and challenges, I decided to further “educate” myself. Who knows, maybe you actually can teach an old dog new tricks! So, I re-read John Mancini’s ...

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The Future of Capture --- Where your Content IS your Life

The future of information capture will go far beyond the traditional Enterprise Content Management (ECM) perspective of scanning paper and importing documents that were born digital . The future of Capture will span every data stream you touch and the every stream that touches you. ...

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Different Systems and Different Silos - A Real-life Disaster

Discussions had been going on for months. Plans had been drawn up. Even though the main tasks had been itemized, there was agreement that these would still have to be refined further into the project. Nothing had been done to assign owners to the tasks, but there was a mutual agreement...

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