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Avoiding the Inevitable Social Silo

In an article for earlier this year ( Avoiding the Silo Gap ), I wrote about the tendency organizations have to build out data silos around business units (sales, marketing, support, engineering) and, even within these business layers, around specific roles (project management...

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Organizational silos start in our minds

Silos are at the same time a problem enterprise 2.0 tries to solve and one of the reasons it's often hard to implement. Fighting agains silos is, of course, a tough and long battle but the more resistant ones seldom are where we expect them to be. There are many ongoing discussions...

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Silos 2.0

I was part of an interesting discussion this past week on Twitter about silos. The assertion was that Twitter is YAS (yet another silo) and not particularly different from email or instant messaging in that way. Here's why I think that's mostly wrong. We in the ECM world have long railed...

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