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Ten Benefits of Going Paperless

Converting from paper-based to paperless can be intimidating but with a plan and properly trained staff, the concerns and fears about paperless can easily be overcome. Paperless businesses improve the security of documents, while increasing office efficiency. Here’s a quick break down of...

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Making Records Management a Part of the Solution

Well this will be a bit of a departure for me as I will only be using the word SharePoint a few times, and only in this paragraph. Recently, my adventures in SharePoint Governance have taken me deep into the dark, windowless, subterranean world of Records Management and I have not only been...

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Information Is Currency

If you follow me on Twitter, which you probably don't since I don't even need all my toes and fingers to count me follower you know my twitter handle is info currency which is another way of saying information currency. When we typically think of currency we think of money, time,...

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