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Are you doing enough to stop document leaks?

Following these tactics can lessen the challenge: · Risk-rank all business processes involving flow of information outside the organization to identify threats · Define security policies for all types of documents, along with the roles and privileges of each group of users in relation to all types of documents · Ensure that SLAs support contractual agreements and certification requirements · Support the organization’s audit, security and compliance standards · Provide two-factor authentication to guard against password fraud · Separate content ownership and platform administration · Produce audit trails of all document accesses Following these best practices makes good business sense because if sensitive documents become public, the business loses the trust of all constituents and damages its reputation

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What Document & Data Capture means to the Nuclear Industry

The people that have spent their lives designing power plants -- nuclear and other power generation options spend inordinate amounts of time putting in factors of safety, considering alternatives and thinking through a lot of different scenarios -- good and bad

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