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How to choose the right metrics for proving ROI of electronic records management

In a three-part post we will take a look at the vital role of metrics in monitoring the performance of your RM program and demonstrating the ROI of your electronic records management system. It has always been a challenge for records and information management (RIM) professionals to...

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The Battle of Little Big Data

If you're someone who's paid to help your organization work smarter, odds are you get invited to lots of trade shows and conferences. Here legions of knowledge professionals are encouraged to spend down their training and travel budgets for the exhibit booths and break-out sessions of...

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ECM, One Repository, and the Key Role of Classification

In this AIIM 2013 Q&A, Lance Shaw talks about the need to consolidate information as much as possible. One tip, try to consolidate on as few products as possible moving forward. Plus, if you’re not paying attention to classification; you’re content is never going to be effective...

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Healthcare ECM

I work for a hospital and we are looking for products that we can migrate our reports repository and invoice into. We are also looking for a ECM with workflow so that we can setup processes to route and store electronic records. The system would need tight security. If anyone has...

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Search vs Folders - When and Why

This debate of search vs folder has been raging in the blogosphere for a few years now. Users are now used to both approaches, thanks to Windows Explorer and Google. However few users understand how to fully utilize either or how they work, at more than a superficial level. and... they really...

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Consolidate, Federate, or Leave It Alone: What to Do about All of Those Disparate Repositories

Many clients engage us to help them focus on a simple objective: “We need a single repository for all of our documents.” Simple enough, yet right now their content is scattered across five, ten, or fifteen different systems (and, unfortunately, for most of our larger clients, the...

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