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Does Your Organization's IT Infrastructure Support Telecommuting?

Last month, we learned that 5% of U.S. workers would give up their spouse for the chance to telecommute. Umm, I worked remotely for a few months after my husband and I moved from Boston to Southern California. I didn’t think it was that great. Seriously, though, an Ipsos/Reuters...

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Contributing content via mobile – Ubiquitous Information Capture

Accessing content from mobile is certainly an undeniable trend as the proliferation of these devices continues within business organizations, as well as for personal use. One of the inherit issues with these devices is that they are primarily used for “consumption” and not &ldquo...

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Steve Jobs: The leader of the mobile revolution

Last week, Steve Jobs ended his 14 year reign as chief executive of Apple Inc, the technology behemoth that he founded in his garage with Steve Wozniak. The company and its products have certainly come a long way since the Apple II and Classic Mac over the last few decades. However, there are...

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IT and the Millennials: Bridging the chasm

Much has been written about the Millennials / digital natives / MySpace / Facebook / latest social phenomenon generation entering the world of work and disrupting the traditional IT department. This is a generation that is accustomed to getting information in real-time: the Millennials have...

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Remote or Distributed Scanning - Are they Different?

The concept of remote scanning is not new. The implementation of the concept is morphing. In the old days -- which was not that long ago -- the “remote” scanners were connected to the centralized processing system. Effectively it was a “Master & Slave” model. The new...

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What's In The Bag?

"What’s in the bag?" I wondered. While ambling down the street on a recent Friday night, I walked past the local branch of a fairly well-known bank. This particular branch has one of those double door entries. Good for keeping the cold wind out and also, I suppose...

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