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Is the Naughty/Nice List a Compliance Document?

It’s two weeks before Christmas, and the debate again rages over how Santa Claus can visit every qualifying child in the world, in just one night. As an information management professional, though, my question has to do with his Naughty/Nice list, and whether it’s a compliance...

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Retaining Alerts and Notifications: What’s Required?

What happens when a consumer agrees to do business with a supplier electronically? The consumer creates an online profile and adds their communications preferences – such as whether they want an email or text notification when their bill is due, whether they want to receive promotional...

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The Future of ECM and RM

Actually, the future is already here – cloud-based everything. And by everything, I mean simple to complex cloud storage, simple to complex cloud-based applications (and storage), and even a cloud-based desktop – all you need is an Internet connection. Oh, and if that is too much for...

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