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Capture Software: Four Features That Can Have Hidden Costs

In today’s digitally-packed world, there are enough software solutions to make an OEM or reseller’s hard drive spin. Some software can be feature rich but very complex, while others are easier to use but limited in features

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An Insider’s View on Recognition Technology: Tips for Ensuring a Successful Implementation

Recognition software can be comprised of a variety of technologies – OCR software (Optical Character Recognition), which recognizes data that is in the form of machine print; ICR software (Intelligent Character Recognition), which recognizes handwriting, including handprint and cursive writing (though definitions and capabilities vary among vendors); among other image analysis and pattern recognition technologies. To get the most out of recognition software, those implementing and involved with it at organizations need to understand how the technology works in order to set appropriate expectations

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IDR: Is it right for you?

And which type of IDR software is the best fit for you?...Some IDR software can also perform optical mark recognition (or OMR) to capture human-marked data from document forms such as surveys and tests

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Hey! I know you.

The argument I hear from folks who are reluctant to incorporate recognition is that no software is as accurate as a human in deciding what something is. To a degree, this is true in that it does take a human to train the software and validate the results but in the end, once the rules and references are in place, the most common of elements are quickly and efficiently processed while the human now only has to deal with the exceptions and as the software learns over time, even the exceptions become fewer

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Capture: Cut Through the Clutter

A conversation with Harvey Spencer, author of the AIIM Capture Software Product Study...Q: Most inventive use of Capture Software that you’ve seen or heard about?

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Three significant trends we witnessed in the year 2010 that is changing the Document Capture landscape forever

The truth is that these capabilities are not complete magic (yet) and require system administrators to carefully develop capture strategies that assist the capture software in making intelligent decisions about documents. If you are in the document capture or document scanning business you’ll often hear the phrase similar to, “Oh, I’ll just use my existing multifunction device to scan to a folder and let my capture software process the scanned images from the folder

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4 Critical Image Recognition Performance Factors That Might Be Holding Your Company Back

Image Capture It’s a standard function without which the process isn’t complete: Can your technology’s pre-recognition software clean up and improve captured images and catch imperfections that didn’t get caught at the hardware level?

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Rely fully on the technology. Really?

I recently attended a session where this concept was presented but not in a conceptual light, it was implied that this is being done today by many companies using content analytics and the ability for the software to make determinations as to what should be kept and how it should be managed

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