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Cost Of Error In Data Capture

I am constantly reminded in working with clients doing data capture that the cost of error is not well understood or dealt with effectively. For example, in one case, a single letter error on a stock certificate (which only costs about a penny to capture correctly) actually cost an organization...

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[Webinar] What Manufacturers Can Learn from Agile Retailers

Successful B2B and B2C retailers have embraced agile commerce as an end-to-end cultural shift. Understanding the processes retailers use to cut down item on-boarding time, enrich product content and prep it for merchandising across multiple channels can help manufacturers improve time-to-order...

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Is there Quality Assurance In your workflow?

Throughout my years in the Document Management Industry, I kept hearing about how great the quality of the images were, but did anyone actually verify the quality? Many vendors talked about how their software can automate the quality assurance process by implementing various processes while...

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Social Media increases employee life span by 25%

It’s been said that people who are actively engaged in social networking will live in average 25% longer lives. The main reasons identified in this study are: People who speak more openly and freely about their issues through blogs, micro-blogs, tweets, etc, feel better and...

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Exceptions Happen!

If your project requires zero exceptions, run for the hills. No deployment of even basic imaging technology is without exceptions. If by chance your deployment is free of exceptions, you have done one of two things, not created an exception handling process and your exception documents are...

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They're scanned images, not flowers

Of course you want your scanned images to look as pretty as possible on the screen, but who’s to say what the OCR engines agree with your conditions for beauty. This blog post, perhaps a slap in the face, is about why you can over clean scanned images, to the point where your recognition...

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Content is King!

As we examine the critical elements that make our E2.0 solutions a success we need to thoughtfully look at content. The first set of questions to consider with respect to content are: What is content? Who creates the content? Is there a quality bar for content? ...

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