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How Cloud Is Shaping The Future Of Public Sector IT Security

IT security is one of the growing concerns among public sector companies...Naturally, this also forced the Board of Commissioners to consider cutting the IT server costs

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How to Sell InfoGov to C-Level Executives

You guessed it, Information Governance...Also, it was extremely difficult to dispose of the information when it was no longer needed...How to do it?...How to do it? Keep it simple

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MoReq2010, or MoReq2011?

But it has not appeared...So publication was halted – but it is unclear what is happening now...The date it gives for publication of a plan has passed

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Hi Blogosphere

It includes organizations and agencies you would find in a city, a county, and a State...I come to this position as a 31 year veteran of the IT industry, with 24 years of specialization in the ECM industry

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Why Govt Websites Should Be Archived

Public Records Laws, though it may differ per state, also mandates that public records be subjected to records management procedures and regulations issued by the state

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