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(Noun) is Too (adjective)

Go ahead, fill in the missing parts for your reason for moving to (something)-as-a-service or for moving (noun) to the Cloud. This past weekend, I would have used “ printing is too frustrating !” I take a lot of pictures, and I have about a dozen framed and on display in my office. I...

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If you must print

I print approximately 6 pages a year now, I don’t own a fax machine, and I scan like crazy. This is not the norm, but hopefully the trend. What I’ve noticed recently in projects is that I now not only have to think about improving OCR accuracy or image quality during scan, I need...

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Going Paperless: #WPFD Tweetjam Recap

Yesterday's tweetjam to generate ideas for how to use less paper was fantastic, with 98 twitterers tweeting away. Thanks to everyone for joining in. According to Tweetreach, our combined reach was 53,468 people. Pretty cool. A quick recap and then the transcript of the jam is below ...

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