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Launching Your B2B Customer Portal: On Convenience, Buying Center Engagement, ERP Integration and more

Forrester forecasts B2B e-commerce sales to skyrocket by 2020 as a result of the digital turn. As B2B customers tend to buy more and more online, manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors can benefit from this emerging opportunity to cut their operating costs by providing self-service...

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Remember: Portal is a Noun, Collaborate is a Verb

In a prior life, while working for a major phone company that no longer exists, I was responsible for building out and maintaining our team portal and project portfolio site. The purpose was to provide a one-way communication vehicle for our leadership team, as well as our project managers who...

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Think Communities, Not Portals!

If you are planning your SharePoint 2010 upgrade and looking at redesigning the hundreds of intranet sites -- stop right there! Don't redesign, rethink your corporate intranet. I spend a fair amount of time with clients discussing the redesign of their sites and in most cases I...

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How SharePoint stole my heart

I remember fondly when the romance began; it was the fall of 2001. I was an analyst and I had just been asked to review a white paper on Microsoft’s first portal solution, or at least that’s how we referred to them back then. The product itself was called SharePoint Portal Server...

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