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SharePoint as a Service and a Solution (SPaaS)

SharePoint as a Service and a Solution (SPaaS) As the Information Age reaches a new level of maturity, many organization are finding that the data and content they have been storing, both physically and electronically, have become both an immense administrative burden as well as a security...

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Crossing the ECM/Capture Chasm – ‘This is the Renaissance’

Marc Benioff , CEO, has been famously quoted on his opinion of cloud computing in terms of saturation-point, as well as technology innovation, for a viable business model. “This is the heyday of the Cloud. This is the Renaissance. We are in the Great Time. ” ...

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SharePoint - No Joke

Sometimes, Tuesday rolls around and I have nothing to say about SharePoint. I don’t stress too much, but I do admit to feeling the “presence of Bryant” when I start thinking “ who would care if I skipped a week? ” Of course something usually happens that spins me up...

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Is Records Management and Usability, Together, Even Possible?

Why are 75% of the organizations in the United States (with an enterprise presence) looking at implementing a records management solution and why are they drawn so much to a particular Microsoft platform? Can you have an enterprise content management (ECM) \ enterprise records management ...

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SharePoint 2010: The New SOA Platform

Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) is a term you don’t hear very much anymore. It was all the rage when I was doing hands-on consulting many years ago so, I’m quite familiar with the goals and challenges of developing a SOA. Wikipedia defines SOA as “a flexible set of ...

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Windows just see’s better

I get asked a lot on twitter, “what is the best OCR for Linux?”, usually there is “free” in there somewhere as well. The fact is, although of the top 4 commercial OCR engines, 3 have Linux versions; the accuracy compared to their Windows counterpart is substantially less...

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Email's Role in an Enterprise 2.0 Environment: Signal Not Source

Is Enterprise 2.0 an evolution of business or a revolution? If I had to be pinned down to an answer, I’d say “evolution”. Or to be more accurate: it's a revolutionary idea that I think will emerge gradually, in an incremental, evolutionary fashion. Take the...

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