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Inventorying Electronic Records, Part 2: Approaches

Far too long ago I wrote a post introducing the topic of inventorying the records and information of the organization...This is the traditional approach for dealing with paper records and has been the staple of records management for decades

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Paper Records: Keep or Destroy After Scanning?

And of course those that have begun using electronic images as their official records still have boxes upon boxes of historical paper records to manage, because the cost of performing a backfile conversion is prohibitive, given the infrequency of retrieval

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Records Management at the 2010 AIIM Show

Here is what I saw related to records management at the AIIM Show in Philadelphia: SharePoint 2010 was clearly in ascendance

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Is It OK To Maintain Records ONLY in Electronic Format?

I’m often asked if it is OK to eliminate paper entirely from a record-keeping process and JUST maintain electronic records...Must we create and maintain paper to satisfy record-keeping requirements?

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Blacksmiths and Cars: John Mancini's Info360 Keynote

AIIM's president shares his thoughts on the ever-evolving content industry and why paper-based policies are holding you back. Info360 Keynote by AIIM President John Mancini View more presentations from John Mancini #systemsofrecord ...

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Divorcing Electronic Medical Records from the Patient’s Paper File Costs Lives and Money

In June, Bloomberg published a story that put the blame for a hospital patient’s death squarely on electronic medical records (EMR)...He was glad to do it and asked to take a look at my fathers’ patient records

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Reasons Why You May Need to Keep Some Paper Records After Digitization

Please note that, even when hard-copy is required for specific records, it is often beneficial (when the media permits) to also retain those records digitally

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The Information Media Continuum

These include cost of conversion to electronic systems, office cultures often more comfortable with paper-based records, and a huge volume of still used legacy records in paper format

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An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure?

In an article in the San Francisco Chronicle last week, “PG&E admitted that it would never be able to find all records for about one-third of its 1,800-plus miles of urban gas-transmission pipes

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