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The Future of ... - the information management industry, the workplace & the information society | free downlaof of the videos and the slides of the conference

” Slides: Richard Medina, Co-Founder & Principal Consultant, Doculabs, USA: " The Future is Participation Management" - "Deeper and broader Participation Management (versus Content and Process Management) is the most important industry trend today, and there are several important emerging Best and Worst Practices for how to incorporate the new technologies and pursue the new opportunities ” Slides: Geert Kruiter, VP Continental Europe, Document Boss, The Netherlands: " The role and impact of M&A on innovation" - “Why on-going consolidation is good for the ECM users and should not impact today’s decision in doing business with small and innovative vendors ” Slides: Panelists Pamela Doyle, Director, Fujitsu, USA Ulrich Leuthner, Director Marketing, IBM, USA (2) “The Future of … the Workplace” Several stimulus talks demonstrated different views for the office in the coming 10 to 20 years

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