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Twitter, information overload, and social filtering

Over the weekend I crossed the 2,000 followers mark on Twitter. More to the point, I follow 742 people. Some of them tweet rarely if at all, but I'd guess the average is around 5-7 tweets per day. That means that my Twitter stream is around 3500-5000 tweets/day and I think quite a bit higher...

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A Fire Hose of Information

My interest was immediately piqued by the startling title -- " Don't You Dare Email This Story " -- of this article in The Wall Street Journal . The article is about information overload. No surprises there, as we're overloaded with information at every turn from...

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Nostradamus predicted there is life after your inbox!

Many people will proudly say they receive 200+ e-mails a day and have back to back meetings as a sign of power and importance, even though they use a negative tone to demonstrate how much they dislike it. But think about it. My research showed it takes an average of 2 minutes to prepare...

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Information-Driven Business

Adapted from Information-Driven Business: How to Manage Data and Information for Maximum Advantage, by Robert Hillard. John Wiley & Sons, Inc.. See for more details. The concept of information overload is permeating every business that I deal with. At the...

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Conquering Enterprise Information Overload with E2.0

We generate massive amounts of content within our organizations. The pace of this production will only continue to increase - forcing us to devote huge amounts of time searching, cataloging and saving links to critical information for our job roles. Now multiply this effort by the number of...

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