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Avoid Being the IT Guy

Earlier this week, I added a comment to a SharePoint discussion on LinkedIn. The discussion began with the question “ How do I send a file from a SharePoint 2010 Library to someone outside of our enterprise? ” Simple enough, right? Well, if you read the responses, you will realize,...

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E-Calendar Records

As amazing as technology systems are in their ability to enhance creating, sharing, and processing information more efficiently and effectively, it still amazes me how many ways we discover that the complete paper-less office is still just fantasy. In recently reviewing many major ECM/ERM...

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"(I Don't Care What You Say Anymore...) This is My Sites"

You know when you're a KM grunt? It's when the sheen of a cool new application pales in comparison to a core component that learns new tricks while maintaining its humble basic, unassuming identity. Sometimes it's the dull stuff that spares you the details you don't have to sweat...

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The "recordness" of electronic records pt 1 - aggregation

Last week I saw a tweet by Omri Duek that he'd received an email from a client. When he looked at the email, Outlook Social COnnector had pulled a picture from her Facebook account that was, let us say, less than flattering. I'd seen similar sorts of things over the years using Xobni ...

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