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A not-so-brave world of paper

AIIM President John Mancini wrote a post recently called " The Brave New World of Scanning and Capture - Really? " that addressed some of the information management challenges associated with buying a car. I just had the opportunity to refinance my house and as I went through that...

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SharePoint 2010: The New SOA Platform

Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) is a term you don’t hear very much anymore. It was all the rage when I was doing hands-on consulting many years ago so, I’m quite familiar with the goals and challenges of developing a SOA. Wikipedia defines SOA as “a flexible set of ...

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Progress at Different Paces

When we first started a records management initiative 15 years ago, it was all about scanning account agreements and storing statements & green bar reports from our core processing system. Five years later we had two separate, relatively specialized document management systems, the original...

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