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The world’s largest scanning device event ever – Dreamforce 2012

After all, AIIM is known as a leading organization in ‘image management’ so of course this would be the world’s largest collection of scanning devices ever

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Developing a cost-effective mobile content-delivery platform

With the mobile device landscape changing by the day, there are now over 8000 types of mobile devices used across the globe...Which devices should I support?

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Going Mobile….With My Laptop?

With the increasing power of these devices, bringing them closer in computing power certainly to our tablet devices, if not some of our aging laptops and desktops, mobile is moving back from being a thing to a description of the way we work

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Approaching Security and Privacy in Mobile-Empowered Businesses in Australia

Over the last few years, mass adoption of mobile devices at workplace has become one of the most dominant trends in Australian businesses. Considering the turbulent adoption rates in both personal and business settings, it is unsurprising that organizations saw both internal and external pressure for adopting mobile devices. Mobile devices in Australian businesses Mobile innovation is by no means an infant trend in Australian businesses

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6 Considerations to Going Mobile: A Q&A

” Mobile is more narrow, the devices and infrastructure that enable mobility. 2...Why use a mobile app when they could use a Web application on their mobile device?

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Is Mobile Really Different

What do digital cameras, cell phones, flat-screen TVs, transistor radios, mobile devices, high-priced lawyers, and the International Space Station have in common?

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