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5 Things Every Boss Can Learn From Millennials and What Millennials Can Learn From Bosses

A while back I read a great article in Forbes written by a millennial titled 5 Things Every Boss Should Know About Working With Millennials . Here are my thoughts after reading the article. I think this title should have been 5 Things Every Boss Can Learn About Millennials and 5...

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How IT Pros Can Help Millennials Toe the Technology Line

I have a confession to make. When I was graduating from high school back in the 90s, I was asked a bunch of questions about the future. One of them was, “Will cellular phones replace land lines?” I answered, “No, never.” Today, of course, I haven’t had a land...

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IT and the Millennials: Bridging the chasm

Much has been written about the Millennials / digital natives / MySpace / Facebook / latest social phenomenon generation entering the world of work and disrupting the traditional IT department. This is a generation that is accustomed to getting information in real-time: the Millennials have...

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The Secret Life of Documents

I was listening recently to a podcast of On Point my favorite NPR talk radio and the episode was about how talk was losing out to texting for supremacy of message control, if not as the de facto communications channel. One unexpected turn was reframing the familiar forty-something litany...

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Are You Part of the Problem, or Part of the Solution?

There’s a lot of talk about “Millennials” these days, and what impact they/you will have on the future of our organizations. For those of you not familiar with the term, Millennials, or “Echo Boomers” (my favorite), are those born in the 1980s and 90s. They/you grew up in a generation that...

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