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Deep flows the River between Social and Business…

A world where one can log on to online banking, traverse to a single transaction and engage in a query or clarification with customer service

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Don't put less content on your mobile sites !

Today using HTML5 and CSS 3 it is relatively easy (using CSS media queries for example), to modify the presentation of an HTML page so that it looks and feels nice on different devices or screen sizes

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Social Media and e-Discovery Solutions to Look for

Tweets and information from Facebook for example can be collected by the solution based on queries or account information and preserved in a eDiscovery data repository

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Social Media Integration: What’s the limit for Banks?

If a bank is active on social media, it can answer all the queries, concerns and help customers taking a well informed decision

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The Ocean of Big Data – II

SQL queries do not work well on “unstructured” electronic objects and “structured” data is often useless until it is formatted into “unstructured” reports

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