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Migration to SharePoint 2013: business and IT factors to consider

Many companies and organizationsconsider migrating to SharePoint 2013 from their current 2010 or 2007 environment. Or better, they now that the transition is inevitable…, but what are the consequences? Answering this question requires insight in all areas impacted by the SharePoint...

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Tips for mobile application maintenance

Native and web mobile applications are becoming quite popular, yet they are still a relatively young technology, that needs to mature in terms of governance. As of now, smartphones and tablets are becoming quite the norm on a daily use basis, and the technology and products are maturing quickly....

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Leverage Big Data to Improve Asset Reliability and Reduce Maintenance Outages

The impact of equipment failures and plant outages on a company’s bottom line can be more devastating than one might imagine. Initially, because production capabilities are reduced or even shut down, the company’s top-line revenue plummets; and then the costs to produce additional...

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CRM maintenance credits for AIIM Social Business Virtual Event

I am pleased to announce that the Institute for Certified Records Managers (ICRM) has pre-approved the AIIM Social Business Virtual Event for 6.0 CRM maintenance program credits. The preapproval code is listed in the CRM Maintenance section of the ICRM's website ( ...

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Why Your Scanner Matters

“What do you mean, I can’t use my scanner?” I do hear this from time to time, unfortunately. You see, we have some fairly strict rules about our capture devices. Before we took ECM seriously we had a number of users and departments who had purchased scanners with the...

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