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Metadata Learns Social Cues: Sugarcoating the Tagging Pill

The signs are unmistakable. Tagging is how we keep our priorities straight and even how we define the contours of our online profiles. Labeling the buckets is finally out of the shadows. These are not closet organizers. These are our virtual neighbors who don’t manage information for a...

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(Edited) For Those Studying For The CIP

Please disregard my earlier message. This is already an AIIM group for the CIP. You can join that group here . The group I created has already been closed. Earlier message has been deleted to reduce confusion. Please see above. ...

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OCR for the Social Networker

Last year alone, Twitter grew 577 percent, Facebook increased by 188.6 percent and LinkedIn expanded 89 percent. Today, approximately 160 million are “tweeting,” there are more than 500 million active users on Facebook and LinkedIn has connected over 80 million members in over 200...

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Records Management 2.0

It's an interesting time to be a records manager. Many of my blogging colleagues have noted the increased emphasis on information governance, and the prospect of increased regulation in the financial sector was a frequent theme at the AIIM 2010 conference last week. At the same time, a...

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