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Evil Empire or Jedi Knights

Late last week, Cheryl McKinnon tweeted an InfoWorld article about how IT is about to lose its seat at the table . Meanwhile, over on John Mancini’s great Digital Landfill blog , Lubor Ptacek predicted that 2013 will be the year that IT will Strike Back. I’m with Lubor. In my...

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Big Data - 10 Tips to get started

The following are a few tips from AIIM analyst Doug Miles about getting started with Big Data and Big Content. The excerpt is from AIIM’s new Industry Watch -- Big Data - Extracting Value from your Digital Landfill . Download the report for free . Although the term ...

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Coming to a landfill near you: Health Records!

Did I get your attention? Good. You need to pay attention to this message because it not only shows vulnerability and lack of control but reinforces the need for strong governance over records and emphasizes just how much of a positive impact moving to an all digital patient records model will...

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