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Knowledge Strategy: Your Leadership Advantage, An AIIM14 presentation

Clair, Knowledge Services Evangelist, Columbia University, is recognized as an expert adviser in KM/knowledge services and in building the organizational knowledge culture, with a special emphasis on knowledge strategy development. He is well known as a speaker about the role of knowledge strategy and knowledge services in organizational effectiveness. Building on his KM, knowledge services, and knowledge strategy development expertise and experience, Guy contributed to the creation of the Columbia University IKNS program, advising the university on curriculum development, marketing and industry outreach, and student enrollment management

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Empowering End Users via Automation

Self-service transferring/cloning access – The ability to transfer permissions from one individual to another or give someone the same permissions as another user is a very common scenario. Self - service onboarding content – When containers get created, often there is content that already exists in file shares, on local drives, and in people’s My Sites that needs to be moved into the new container. Self - service change business contact – Typically a business contact might change during its life, either due to people changing roles and responsibilities or leaving the organization

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The Power of Decentralization

We were pushing teams used to heavily customized, proprietary, and expensive platforms into one that was quick, dynamics, and relatively inexpensive (monthly service charge versus transaction-based)

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Setting the Terms in SharePoint 2010

The great thing about Managed Metadata Services ("MMS") is that it forms the speed-of-thought index that gets out in front of a user’s top-of-mind intuitions

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