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Sometimes the Weakest Excuse can topple the Strongest Business Case

My mom was an IT manager. At some point in her career, she published an article titled “Top 10 ways to kill an IT project.” It included some profound observations like “Don’t give the guy that doesn’t show up for the project meetings all the power.” We...

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Is there an ROI in Your Cloud Strategy?

Is a cloud-based collaboration system in your strategy but those pesky accounting people want an ROI study? A content information management (CIM) system may be more difficult to calculate the ROI due to a number of factors: Many CIM systems being purchased are departmental systems...

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Enterprise 2.0 Collaboration – Skip the Separate Investment

Huh? Isn’t this blog about Web 2.o? Who does this guy think he is? All good questions…please allow me a moment to explain. No one reading this blog needs me to explain the benefits of Social Collaboration, the demand for enabling the workforce to become more self-sufficient...

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