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What if there was a Better Cloud

A few minutes ago I followed a link in a Tweet from @petapixel to a story about Instagram coming to the web to do battle with sites like Flickr and Picaso. A sense of fear crept over me as soon as I stopped to consider “ oh no, what if I like it? ” You see, I have over 3,000...

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Cloudy with a Chance of Success

This post was inspired by this article on CMSWire by @billycripe and by the Cloud themed tweet jam hosted by CMSWire on November 17, 2011. As usual this is just my opinion. I’m not an expert on cloud computing, I’m just some guy that likes to be able to access the content...

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Microsoft, SAP Reinforce Importance of Interoperability by Reprising ‘Duet’

There’s a line in the 1987 movie “Broadcast News” in which Holly Hunter responds to the snide put-down “It must be nice to always believe you know better, to always think you're the smartest person in the room” by saying, “No; it’s awful!” ...

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