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Information Overload

To be more specific please find some recent researches on Information Overload: "Between the dawn of civilization through 2003 about 5 hexabytes of information was created

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Twitter, information overload, and social filtering

Over the weekend I crossed the 2,000 followers mark on Twitter. More to the point, I follow 742 people. Some of them tweet rarely if at all, but I'd guess the average is around 5-7 tweets per day. That means that my Twitter stream is around 3500-5000 tweets/day and I think quite a bit higher...

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Conquering Enterprise Information Overload with E2.0

We generate massive amounts of content within our organizations. The pace of this production will only continue to increase - forcing us to devote huge amounts of time searching, cataloging and saving links to critical information for our job roles. Now multiply this effort by the number of...

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A Fire Hose of Information

The article is about information overload. No surprises there, as we're overloaded with information at every turn from colleagues, friends, on Facebook , Twitter , LinkedIn , with news articles, blogs and so on and so on. We can't seem to take a vacation during which we can completely disconnect, often because of the fear of even more overload when we return relaxed and refreshed

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IDC Reports: Information Explosion Leads to Stress! Or should we just use the right tools?

But, according to IDC (“Cutting the Clutter: Tackling Information Overload at the Source” by John Gantz, Angele Boyd and Seanna Dowling from IDC), the ongoing information growth, and in particular, our inability to manage and properly search all this information, will not only give us a headache, but it will also lead to stress, lost productivity and burnouts

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Information-Driven Business

The concept of information overload is permeating every business that I deal with...#information #overload

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What’s your New Year’s Resolution for cleaning up the information mess?

We call this information overload and have all read the stats on the hidden costs and wasted productivity because knowledge workers spend too much time looking for information

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