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IDR: Is it right for you?

In today’s increasingly complex business environment, companies, government agencies and other organizations stand to gain a greater advantage when they can capitalize on and best leverage information. Knowledge is power. When it comes to forms and documents, as a large repository of that...

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Capture Software: Four Features That Can Have Hidden Costs

In today’s digitally-packed world, there are enough software solutions to make an OEM or reseller’s hard drive spin. Some software can be feature rich but very complex, while others are easier to use but limited in features. Needless to say, uncovering the best technology to address...

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55% of forms data is being rekeyed — Why?!

Last year, we set out with AIIM to measure the adoption of automated recognition of both Optical Character Recognition and Intelligent Character Recognition for processing forms. The results were astounding, especially the lack of organizations utilizing automated recognition. Only 32% of...

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Hand-print or Handwriting, HUGE difference!

Here is another roll-up your sleeves down and dirty post. When it comes to forms processing and data capture working with documents that have hand-print vs. handwriting is a huge difference. Hand-printed documents can be processed with great automation and the technology can benefit all...

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