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Going Green for Technology

When most people hear the phrase “Going Green”, they may immediately think reduce, reuse, recycle – all references to nature alone. But what some don’t realize is, while recycling is a big portion of the Going Green movement, technology and its advancement toward improved...

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The end of print → sign → scan

The end of print → sign → scan A thread on the AIIM LinkedIn group ( Join us! ) is discussing paper and why we’re all continuing to produce so much of it. There are comments about the advantages of paper and how tablets are now matching more and more of them, including...

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Go Green And Save Green: Economic & Ecologic Benefits of Going Paperless

Believe it or not, you can save the environment and your money at the exact same time. By transforming your organization into a paperless organization you can save trees and forests while you save money on paper, ink and supplies. Now that’s a good deal. Ecologic Benefit ...

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Paper Less

There’s an elephant in the room. His name is Trunk, but we call him Paper. He gets into everything. We don’t know where to put him. Yet strangely, sometimes when we need him, we can’t find him. You’d think it would be hard to hide an elephant, but we lose him a lot. Not...

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Is Document Security Preventing You From Going Green?

All ready to go green? Like many others, you’ve probably invested heavily in converting documents to digital format and built e-commerce infrastructure to help you become more efficient -- and green. Instead of using FedEx to send out contracts, reports and other sensitive documents...

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The thing about paper

I worked as an Imaging Analyst for twelve years before moving over to the Business Analyst role. I helped my company go from microfilm, to a 5 million image system, to a system that held over 80 million images. So, you could say, I am a great believer in the electronic document. I have...

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Progress at Different Paces

When we first started a records management initiative 15 years ago, it was all about scanning account agreements and storing statements & green bar reports from our core processing system. Five years later we had two separate, relatively specialized document management systems, the original...

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