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Partly Cloudy

But you can also use the Google Docs application as a great content management system...Well, within Google Docs, you can not only author but store and retrieve your business documents too

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Shifting my paradigm

I am actually writing this post in Google docs. Why?...I've used Google docs before, created Google sites, and of course I have a gmail account...I uploaded MS Word docs to Google sites

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Concrete Ways to use Online Collaboration Software

Secure File Sharing This is one of the most obvious needs met by collaboration tools, but why use a tool , rather than just tossing things back and forth through email, or using Google Docs?

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Big Data Meets the Search Media

Ealier this year we were told that our Gmail accounts, our Youtube sessions, our searches, and our Google Docs collaborations would all unify into a single, identifiable package and that this was a beautiful thing

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