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Concrete Ways to use Online Collaboration Software

through email, or using Google Docs? Let'...messages. As for free tools like Google Google Docs may allow you to edit

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Did you get a 'C' in collaboration as a student? Learn how to do it before you earn a 'F' at work

(Not a student? Share this on Facebook with your kids) It’s no secret that employers are looking for people who know how to work on a team and collaborate effectively. Unfortunately, these skills are rarely taught formally: Instead, most of us learn them through things like group...

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Partly Cloudy

cloud. But you can also use the Google Docs...Google Docs, you can not only author but...Google Docs account from a broad range of...more). Once in the Google Docs repository

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Shifting my paradigm

Google docs. Why? Because I am trying to pull...collaboration and email. I've used Google docs...uploaded MS Word docs to Google sites. I think

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