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How to get people to feedback and approve a document stored in SharePoint

If you have ever written a document, saved it to SharePoint and then needed certain people on your team to review it and provide comprehensive feedback, then please read on. This post will illustrate just how easy it is to do this using nothing more than SharePoint, DocRead and DocSurvey. ...

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IDR: Is it right for you?

In today’s increasingly complex business environment, companies, government agencies and other organizations stand to gain a greater advantage when they can capitalize on and best leverage information. Knowledge is power. When it comes to forms and documents, as a large repository of that...

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Capture Software: Four Features That Can Have Hidden Costs

In today’s digitally-packed world, there are enough software solutions to make an OEM or reseller’s hard drive spin. Some software can be feature rich but very complex, while others are easier to use but limited in features. Needless to say, uncovering the best technology to address...

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Sure your form looks good, but does it recognize

Here you are getting mad at your paper forms for such poor recognition, not knowing it's probably your fault. It’s easy to design a fixed handprinted form that looks pretty, but takes a little more effort to make it recognize well with handprint (ICR) technology. ICR will never...

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