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Data Breach Living Wills: Information Theft Response and Recovery Plans

Why Prepare? The average total organizational cost of a data breach in the United States in 2015 was $6.8 million. [1] In 2016 alone, over 3,000 publicly disclosed data breaches have occurred so far, representing more than 2.2 billion compromised records. [2] In addition to the upfront...

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SharePoint: The World's Most Impersonal Network

What we value most about social networks isn't the number of friends, invites, reconnects, or diversions from the dullness of rote tasks. It's more basic that that. It's that we know where they stand -- they're either vibrant and flowing or they die. There are no static...

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In Search of the History of Algorithms*

I’m enjoying a closer look at the history of algorithms development in electronic records management systems. The book I’m reading at the moment uses Pascal to describe algorithm movements—that’s right, it was written in 1988—but the high-level descriptions...

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