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Metadata: a better way to help users find electronic records

Helping users find electronic records is big challenge, regardless of whether those records are stored on a shared drive, in the cloud, or in an electronic document and records management system (EDRMS). Since there are a number of different ways users can find electronic records, we thought...

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Missing Socks

Sometimes I think the worst computer feature ever developed is the ability to Drag & Drop. Actually, I like the feature when I’m using it to move elements around on a canvas, but I have come to regret the industry extending this action to the movement of files. Having long been...

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Search vs Folders - When and Why

This debate of search vs folder has been raging in the blogosphere for a few years now. Users are now used to both approaches, thanks to Windows Explorer and Google. However few users understand how to fully utilize either or how they work, at more than a superficial level. and... they really...

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The Truth About Folders

Chris Riley wrote a post last week here at AIIM, complete with video, against folders . He gave lots of reasons and explained many problems, but he ignored the positives. I feel his opinion is tainted by his prolonged exposure to SharePoint. I’m not saying that the points he brought up...

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Why Folders are the new "F" word

Why are folders the new F word? It’s not because I promote disorganization. Quite the opposite. Folders only give you the perception of organization. Real organization happens with meta-data. In the below video blog I talk about why folders are bad. The key points are that folders...

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Three significant trends we witnessed in the year 2010 that is changing the Document Capture landscape forever

The ‘No Folder Zone’ Despite tremendous improvements in document capture technology and ease of use becoming more prevalent, the fact of the matter is that document capture is not totally automated and often involves human intervention. Therefore, careful...

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Be the Ball

NPR recently ran an article about the predictions for what life in 2010 was supposed to be like . The article states: “One key to divining trends or developments is to pay attention to " material that credibly contradicts what we think we know ," says Erica Orange, a...

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