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How to get people to feedback and approve a document stored in SharePoint

If you have ever written a document, saved it to SharePoint and then needed certain people on your team to review it and provide comprehensive feedback, then please read on. This post will illustrate just how easy it is to do this using nothing more than SharePoint, DocRead and DocSurvey. ...

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Taking Merger Integration All the Way to the Knowledge Bank (Part 2)

After three SharePoint migrations plus an acquisition and a merger thrown in for good measure I'm starting to believe that SharePoint integrations are a little like childbirth: if the mother honestly remembered the depth of her labor pains, there would be a lot more only-children in this...

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Got a Problem with the Organization? Speak Up!!

Observation: People at large organizations tend to be like the passive-aggressive person who complains and complains about you about your mutual friends but will never actually have a conversation with you about what’s bothering him/her. I’ve seen this behavior many times -...

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