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SharePoint 2013 Preview Summary - Managing Your Current SharePoint 2010 Initiative with 2013 in Mind

Overview With the SharePoint Server 2013 Preview being released yesterday there are a lot of organizations who are currently involved in large SharePoint 2010 deployments who are wondering how best they can adjust or minimize any system architecture or information architecture changes as...

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My Wish for 2011

As I wrote the title, I reminded myself that I know this wish won’t come true; still, it’s a slow week so I’ll share it with you. I want a SharePoint that can stay up. Actually, I want a Windows environment that can stay up. OK, let me be more specific, I am not talking about...

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A Good SharePoint Education... Priceless!

In my last post, I emphasized the requirements development and planning activities that should precede a SharePoint implementation. Another crucial component to successfully implementing SharePoint is education. SharePoint is a very broad platform with a plethora of features. As we...

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Is Your SharePoint 2010 Install Sucking Wind?

At long last, SharePoint 2010 (SP 2010) hit and hit it a bit earlier than expected. However, for the lucky and determined, we have been digging into SharePoint long before it was officially released. Over the past few months, I’ve noticed a concerning trend and one that I hope to turn...

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