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Training is an Ongoing Process

I was reminded last week while presenting several sessions at SPTechCon Boston how easy it is for those of us "experts" who work with SharePoint and similar platforms day after day that not everyone moves at our same pace. There are always one or two people who approach me after a...

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Disposing of Electronic Records with “Triggering Event” Based Retention Periods

BACKROUND One of the greatest challenges faced by firms when implementing retention rules is effectively managing records that have retention periods predicated upon “event based triggers.” The challenge applies to records in all media, but I’ll focus on electronic...

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Are Records Management (or any) Conferences Useful?

***views expressed in this blog are my personal views and not those of my employer. Any reference to a living person or organisation, past or present, is entirely co-incidental.*** How many of us attend conferences relating to Records Management and/or other, related, disciplines? For...

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