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Social Media Secret Weapon: Email

This week I received a link to an interesting post called “Social Media's Secret Weapon – Email&rdquo...Specially coming together with Social Media, and even more when I saw it called out as its secret weapon!

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Social Media and e-Discovery Solutions to Look for

There are no clear rules for the governance of social media and it is up to individual organizations to decide how to use and govern social media

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Social Media: the Next eDiscovery Elephant in the Corner

In short, social media composes new challenges for both IT and legal departments. At this moment there are no specific laws and regulations for the governance of social media. It is up to enterprises to internally decide how to use and govern social media

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Knowledge Management Using Enterprise Wiki, Collaboration And Social Media? Absolutely!

Using enterprise wiki, social media and other already existing tools might be an effective way to win over employees and build a reliable knowledge management environment. However, there are problems with using popular social networking and collaboration tools, be it TypePad, Twitter, YouTube, Zimbra or another “general purpose / general audience” software in a corporate environment

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Deep flows the River between Social and Business…

It’s been quite a while since the world has been gripped by the Social Media fever. However, as is the case with any new concept that catches the masses by their eyeballs and wallets, social media too has turned into a big Gold Rush with many following suit. Suddenly, plenty of creative designers, copywriters, and account managers have now turned into peer-recognized and self-proclaimed social media specialists

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Content isn't Social, You Are

The term social content has been getting some airplay of late...And kill the word Social here. If it is truly social content, it isn’t business relevant

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