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How Technology can Help Investigators to Discovery the Golden W’s

The answers to the “Five W’s” that every investigator knows from school form the basis of the complete story of an investigation: • Who is it about? • What happened? • When did it take place? • ...

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Everybody Needs to Know

Who are your information workers? Who needs to know about things like metadata and taxonomy and tagging and search terms? Who needs to understand workflows and retention periods and legal holds and the declaration of records? Who needs to know the difference between PDF and PDF/A? OK, anyone who...

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Sometimes the Weakest Excuse can topple the Strongest Business Case

My mom was an IT manager. At some point in her career, she published an article titled “Top 10 ways to kill an IT project.” It included some profound observations like “Don’t give the guy that doesn’t show up for the project meetings all the power.” We...

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Not Your Fault? Still Your Problem

If you have any doubt that having and enforcing document policies is important, then spend a little time on the political pages of your local newspaper or on the Web. Story after story depicts folly after folly, and a lot of the time, the issues underneath are just like yours: Poor...

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