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AIIM 2012: Ted Schadler on Empowering Employees, SoLoMo, and Dilbert

The AIIM Conference 2012 is full of informative and though-provoking sessions and keynotes. In this first keynote conversation, Ted Schadler gives us a preview of his keynote session as well as sharing why he finds the convergence of social, local, and mobile so exciting. Provisioning...

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The dawn of service economy

Reading Josh Bernoff and Ted Schadler's "Empowered" inspired me two conclusions : - marketing is being replaced by service. - to be able to deliver a customized service to customers and even prospects, those who are virtually "in front of them" need to behave...

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Employee Trust and Advocacy: The By-products of the Social Business

Building trust with employees is hard. I’m speaking from specific experience. Once upon a time the Great Recession stepped on my business and my partners and I had to make financial choices that had painful impact on all 200 of our employees. We convened a company meeting and...

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