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How to Avoid Vendor-lockup in Email Archiving and Enterprise Information Archiving

By Mary Mack Recently, a new email-archiving challenge has arrived: as regulatory retention periods only get longer, many of these time frames are now longer than the average technical life of most commercial email archiving and enterprise information archiving solutions

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Simple but Effective Email Management

Working emails are typically retained in the email system (“mixed” with transient emails or segregated into different folders) – but may be retained in Exchange Personal Archive if desired. Long-term emails are retained in an archive separate from the primary email mailboxes. It may be an Exchange archive or a third party EMM or ECM system

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Multi-Channel Input Management

Meanwhile the original email and PDF invoice can be compressed & immediately archived along with key index information extracted from the email body, all while the invoice is still being processed through your existing legacy system

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Capture: The benefit is there, have you realized it?

The reality is capture, in full and as defined in the AIIM Industry Watch titled “Document Scanning and Capture: local, central, outsource – what’s working best” , it is a combination of document scanning, image correction, recognition of text, Barcodes, form fields, etc. and finally, output to an appropriate format for subsequent processing or archive storage.This research goes on to find that: 78% of those surveyed have some form of distributed scanning via MFPs, desk top scanners or branch-office scanners

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Email Project Two: Return of the Killer Email Project

Some flexibility exists in the archiving versus sit-on-the-server protocol, but that’s determined internally (I shudder to think at the consequences if the Records team doesn’t participate in that decision)

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The Many Uses of Email

Gmail even offers an option to store every email in an “All Mail” folder which, according to Google “is your archive, a storage place for all the mail you've ever sent or received, but have not deleted.”

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