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Mobile BPM -- Driving Process Agility

Much has been written in the past 2 years about the need for expansive mobile BPM/workflow capabilities...That's a whole lot of BPM, and it all started from changing a pick list value to Approved!

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BPM vs Workflow – Which to Choose

Workflow is the steak, BPM is the whole frickin’ cow (or some such silly comparison)...After the BPM spiel some guy asked if he needed workflow or BPM, or words to that effect

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If BPM is important, use it!

Recent findings in the AIIM Industry Watch Report titled Business Process Management: Are we Making the Most of Content-Driven Processes , show that 69% of the 495 responding companies consider BPM to be significant or imperative and 62% indicate they believe they have only addressed 1/5 of the potentially profitable processes in their organizations. When asked what they use, 11% indicated SharePoint while 36% indicated they seek BPM tools from their ECM suppliers

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When More is Less

Author Richard Buttle’s points are well taken, and are equally and entirely applicable to any sort of third-party offering, including the cloud-based ECM and BPM/BPO services that dominate so much of our thinking here

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