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SharePoint, Workflow, and Digital Signatures in 3 Pictures

This post uses 3 stylized Easter Eggs or Nested Russian Dolls to illustrate three related topics: What’s the difference between SharePoint, workflow, and the other varieties of process management? What’s the difference between the varieties of electronic signatures...

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Digital Signatures are forever?

Digital Signatures are forever? My goal in this blog series is to cover a wide range of topics and issues relating to digital signatures. Let's get started with a hot question that comes up repeatedly at my talks and webinars, “If an employee leaves our company, and he is...

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How eSignatures Can Speed the Sales Cycle

ESIGN (Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act), a law passed to ensure that no digital record or digital signature could be “denied legal effect, validity, or enforceability solely because it is in electronic form, has been around for 12 years now. It is only recently...

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