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6 Document Prep Tips to Streamline Scanning and Document Capture

Document preparation. What exactly is document preparation, you ask? To put it simply, document preparation is looking over your documents and getting them ready to scan

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Scanner rage!

Yes document preparation, in an age of technology, is the last thing we want to put effort into before scanning...Document preparation is one of those things that if you don’t do it well, you will cause much more frustration and pain later

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Even the Capture Process Needs Consistency

The process involves several steps: Sorting and Preparation: sorting the originals into content types and removing paperclips, the process of feeding documents into the scanner will go much more quickly and smoothly The act of scanning, using the scanner hardware to digitize paper and create a digital image A quality step when images need to be examined to see if clean-up or enhancement are necessary Indexing to apply appropriate metadata for storage in the ECM repository Storing the electronic image before releasing it to the user Distribution or making the image available to all who are authorized to see it The actual process you use would vary depending on the type of scanning being done and the type of information to be captured

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If you must print

Heck all you have to do is look at my posts on document preparation , accuracy , even IT setup

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Document Capture: Moving from Back to Front

Trained document preparation operators sorting documents into similar document types, removing paper clips, unfolding corners and inserting document separator sheets?

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Backfile Conversion Boot Camp

For example, if your project is to convert one million paper documents in a short amount of time, you would have to purchase several large, expensive scanners; hire document preparation people, scanner operators, and index and QC personnel; set aside facility space for the operation; plus other incidental costs

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