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Are you doing enough to stop document leaks?

Without a compliance strategy in place to manage document sharing, end users will resort to e-mailing and printing documents, or they will employ online collaboration tools that are not designed for security and traceability

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How to do Alerts and Notifications

The Framework for Alerts and Notifications The alerts and notifications framework has eight elements: Event Management , Profiles and Preferences , Rules Management , Process and Policy Management , Delivery Management , Message/Template Management , Archive , and Compliance Administration

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Records Management: Why Is It Important?

Redundant records are automatically removed from the system, and only those that are vital to the business and its compliance goals are kept...Improves Compliance According to the U.S

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Why a SOC 2 Type 2 Report is Important

Working with an imaging company that has received its SOC 2 Type 2 Report helps ensure that you have satisfactorily conducted due diligence and taken the steps necessary to meet compliance requirements that are internally and externally mandated in your company

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Are you the Scan Man?

Capture is something we can all do but we have to ensure in business we perform this function in a way that enhances the business and maintains the levels of compliance we must adhere to. In my view, capture provides great benefit and while you can readily perform this function, consideration must be given to establishing a standardized practice within the company to ensure quality, consistency and compliance are met

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