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Concrete Ways to use Online Collaboration Software

The talk that surrounds online collaboration can get a bit abstract, with a penchant for buzzwords. For every press release or blog post that says we need to revolutionize our position as thought leaders through synergistic culture building, there's another business that signs up for online...

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How To: File and Document Conversion with Cloud Storage

You ask and you shall receive. Our fearless AIIM Community Leader, Bryant Duhon , recently shared the results of a survey conducted of you, the AIIM Community Blog readership; about what more we can do to enhance the usefulness of our blog posts. An overwhelming majority...

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The Art of Capture, Step 2: Convert from Paper to Electronic Forms

Part two in a series that examines the process of electronically capturing in Web-based forms the information trapped in today’s paper-based processes. As Sun Tzu says, “Success in warfare is gained by carefully accommodating ourselves to the enemy's purpose. By...

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